I am involved in a number of different creative, mostly web based projects outside of my normal freelance day-to-day work. All of the website projects are based on WordPress which I specialise in customising as a full CMS platform.

Other projects include supporting WordPress with plugin coding development and theme development, most of which I release free to the community under the GPL license so other people can benefit from my work.

Lead project – Wonderflux WordPress Theme Framework

Wonderflux is a professional rapid theme development platform for WordPress. The project began in January 2010 and entered public beta on 11 January 2011 (cool date huh, 11.01.11!) after many months and 3 cycles of private beta testing.

It is designed from the ground-up to be hyper flexible – and with just light CSS and PHP skills you can build amazing, custom WordPress themes! There is some very exciting stuff going on around this project and I would welcome any theme developers to get involved – the easiest way is through GitHub, where I maintain the code. It is fully open source, GPL v2 licensed, just like WordPress – so free basically!

Visit Wonderflux

In Development – Flux Layout

I am developing a new CSS framework for responsive websites. It’s part of Wonderflux – built to replace the previous pixel based grid system. It is still a work in-progress, but I’m nearly done!

Vew Flux Layout project on GitHub

Photoshop Ninja

Photoshop Ninja is a WordPress based website I started back in 2005. It began as a way to share tips and tricks with fellow creatives and has grown to include downloads, news and opinions along with a whole bunch of other interesting stuff for Photoshop users. It gets well over 10 thousand visits a month and has lead to some interesting partnerships and opportunities, including book proposal reviews for various publishers and my work featuring in Photoshop Creative magazine in the UK and Netherlands.

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WordPress Plugin Development

I have written a number of plugins for WordPress, one of which I have currently released to the public – WP-CMS Post Control. This is a popular plugin, with well over 90,000 downloads on last check! It is often quoted as an ‘essential plugin’ for people that are using WordPress as more of a content management system. I have a number of other plugins that I aim to launch under a GPL license in the future.

Visit WP-CMS Post Control plugin page