One of the most pertinent things I have learned over my career is that you never stop learning – be it a new technique in Photoshop or learning about some new technology in web development.

I am not the kind of creative that likes to keep his cards close to his chest – far from it in-fact! There is nothing I enjoy more than sharing knowledge and seeing someone using those new skills to push their creativity that little bit further.

Over the years I have conducted formal training sessions in Photoshop, Indesign, WordPress and various aspects of web development.

I’ve lead over 250 training sessions with all walks of life

Previously I lectured in graphic design and multimedia at Solihull College over a number of years. I have lead groups of 17-19 year olds right through to mature students. This has helped me develop a friendly, well-paced approach to training and presenting that many freelancers lack.

I’ve also run a number of private training sessions, ranging from one-on-one courses through to larger groups, including corporate marketing departments and other business orientated teams.

Groups or one-to-one

If you are looking for private training in industry standard creative software, I would welcome the opportunity of providing you with a proposal for this. My rates are very competitive compared to private training companies and I have trained groups of upto 20 people, and presented to well over 50 right down to individual one-on-one training. My actual preference is groups between 5-15, which ensures that I can dedicate enough time to each delegate.

Get in-touch to discuss your training project, or to find out more.