One of the most powerful features of this plugin is the XML sitemap generation. This is a special file that is crafted to be read my search engines. It outlines the structure of your site for quicker indexing.

I’ve never really had any issues with this plugin – but recently I came across a situation where the sitemap just wasn’t getting generated. It was a simple fix for me, maybe this will help you too if it happens!

  • I refreshed the permalinks (by going to the standard WordPress admin page and just clicking ‘save’)
  • I then went to the Yoast sitemap options, clicked the option off (it’s on by default) and saved options.
  • Finally, I clicked the XML sitemap option on again, saved options – and hey presto… XML sitemap generated correctly!

I did read a couple of blog articles where people where hacking up the plugin – I’d STRONGLY recommend against this, as your hacks will be over-written in future releases. Try this method first and see if it works for you too!