I have been updating my WP-CMS Post Control plugin recently – a popular CMS modification plugin that allows complete control on a per user level basis of any post control in WordPress.

I always found that there were some publishing features I wanted for clients in WordPress and others that I wasn’t using and just cluttered up the screen (and caused support questions!). That’s why I created Post Control – it gives you complete control over every element and gives you a whole lot more control over how WordPress deals with creating content.

Whilst version 1.x had a-lot of inherited code from a previous developer, Version 2 is a complete re-write from the ground-up, in-fact no code exists in the plugin from the previous version! It uses the best coding practices along with using all the latest features available to WordPress plugin developers to ensure great performance. Version 2 also gives complete multi-role control, something that had been suggested by users a few times.

You can control the display of the following post options for each WordPress role level:

  • Post Tags
  • Post Categories
  • Post Excerpt
  • Post Trackbacks
  • Post Custom Fields
  • Post Discussion
  • Post Comment & Ping Options
  • Post Author

You can control the display of the following page options:

  • Page Custom Fields
  • Page Discussion
  • Page Comment & Ping Options
  • Page Attributes

You can control the display of the following global post/page options:

  • Post/Page Media upload
  • Disable Autosave
  • Disable Post Revisions
  • Disable flash uploader and just use browser uploader

I have got some great new functionality planned for this plugin in the future and it will also interact with my WordPress theme framework that I’m launching Summer 2010! This is part of my essential plugin toolkit that I use on every WordPress site – I hope you find it useful!

Go download it today – you can use WP-CMS Post Control freely on any WordPress site you like, even commercial ones!