Wow, 2010 was a very busy, exciting year – the projects I have been working are have been fantastic with some really lovely clients! Almost all have been WordPress based custom CMS sites and with each one I push a-little harder to deliver more sophisticated, custom CMS structure and controls to give clients an amazing amount of control over their site. A-lot of what I was working on during 2010 is now coming to fruition in 2011 – so expect to see a-lot of code released out to the public during this year!

I tend to shy-away from a-lot of WordPress plugins these days and often find it’s much easier to code and develop your own bespoke solution as a custom WordPress plugin (budget allowing of-course!). That way it’s an exact fit for the client and you know exactly what you are running on-site. I have been working on a-lot of admin area customisation, some of which may make it into public release or even Wonderflux one day… but don’t hold your breath!

In 2010 I released a completely new version of my WP-CMS Post Control WordPress plugin, which has been re-coded from the ground-up to be more flexible and powerful in the future. It also follows all the best coding practices for both PHP and WordPress. Following some minor tweaks and improvements this is now fully compatible with WordPress 3.0 and above. During 2011 I will be revisiting the code again to enhance and maintain this popular plugin (over 52,000 downloads to date and counting!).

I have made some substantial progress on Wonderflux WordPress theme framework, which I have been coding since the start of 2010. I have developed this from the ground-up to be the most flexible, powerful theme framework available… once it’s complete! I know there are quite a few very good frameworks out there but I have a slightly different vision for Wonderflux – and the best part is that it will be 100% free (for ANY use!) with a GPL v2 License (just like WordPress!). Beta testing invites went out to the delegates of WordCampUK 2010 and also during WordCamp Stockholm. I’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response and can’t wait to share it with you all!

Wonderflux is now in public beta, with well over 250 downloads already to date. I expect the framework to come out of beta sometime mid-2011, although it is perfectly usable right now and functions perfectly without any errors. I am putting almost all my personal projects on-hold in 2011 until I have got Wonderflux to a good position.

As part of this project I have partnered-up with Kimb Jones – another WordPress designer and developer to launch the WonderThemes project – more on that to come! Kimb’s extensive experience of using WordPress theme frameworks has pushed me to work that bit harder on Wonderflux – there is always an easier way to do things! He is perfectly aligned with my thoughts on GPL license, theme design and construction – and is a very nice guy to boot, so it has been a pleasure working with him already.

Although I’ll be attending a small handful of events and conferences this year, the big event for me will be WordCamp Portsmouth UK 2011 (the conference previously known as WordCampUK) – to be held in Portsmouth in mid-July. I’m presenting for the forth year running – this time on creating a unique theme in 1 hour… very brave, but I do have Wonderflux on my side! I’ll also be taking part in the ‘Site Doctors’ help session, it’s great being able to give people advice on WordPress, but you are really put on the spot as I found out last year, but it’s a-lot of fun… I hope to see you there!!